Light Source: Fluorescent lamps or LED lights emitting specific wavelengths (typically blue or white light) for treating conditions like jaundice or certain skin disorders.

Wavelength and Intensity: Emit light in the blue spectrum (around 420-470 nm) or white light at adjustable intensity levels for effective treatment.

Coverage: Devices may cover localized areas or the entire body, and they can be overhead lamps or underbody pads/blankets.

Design: Available in portable or stationary configurations for various healthcare settings.

Safety Features: Includes eye protection measures and heat control mechanisms for patient safety.

Controls: Adjustable settings for light intensity, treatment duration, and other parameters.

Duration of Treatment: Varied treatment durations depending on the condition being treated and the severity.

Energy Efficiency: Modern devices often feature energy-efficient designs to minimize power consumption.

Compliance: Conforms to medical device standards and certifications ensuring safety and effectiveness.